a wedding and the Olympic National Park!

Much has happened since SOB in late July.  There’s a reason my race report came a month late!  We got married the week after 🙂

First: a pre wedding group run to the top of Hobart Peak, via the PCT.  It wouldn’t be our wedding without a run.  There were quite a few guests that wanted to run or hike, imagine that.  Joe led and I held up the read (while exposing my rear, apparently.  I should be more aware of my shorts flap).

Hobart Bluff Pre Wedding Run

The one wedding photo I will allow on here, just because it’s my favorite so far:

marriage :)

Of course there was a mini honeymoon after the wedding.  To the Olympic Peninsula!  Packed with camping, hiking, and running.  Here is a view from Hurricane Ridge:

view from Hurricane Ridge

It’s odd to think that these mountains are under 10,000 feet, including Mount Olympus.  I’m looking excited to see a waterfall.  Waterfalls are hard to come by where I live.

water fall on sol duc trail

bridge crossing

These are all photos from a giant 18 mile run/hike (starting at the Sol Duc something trail) that Joe and I thought we could do in a reasonable time (we did).  We were having beer and delicious seafood by 6pm while everyone else that we encountered on the trail took 3 days to complete what we did in 7 hours.


photo 4


Trail porn!

We did run into a mountain goat and her twins kids (are goat babies ‘kids’?).  For some reason, her horns were shaved down and she had a blue dot on her side (spray painted?).


photo 2-2

It was a perfect and beautiful day.  We felt very accomplished.  photo 3-2

Of course, on our way back from a night on the beach (a very rainy/foggy night), we saw a sign for “Big Cedar”.  Naturally, Joe did a nice yoga inversion while I did not do any sort of yoga…

It was an amazing trip and it was difficult to go back to reality!


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