Race Report: Moore Mountain Trail Run (MMR)


Despite having run 30 miles on Friday, Joe and I decided it would be great to run the local half marathon, Moore Mountain Trail Run (MMR). I run on these trails in this part several times a week, so I was looking forward to running this half.

In all reality, I decided to run MMR before deciding to run the 30 miles on Friday, but I did need to squeeze in a long[er] run this weekend. So, I had to suck it up and hope for the best!

I wore my ‘goofy’ shorts (magenta and purple shorts with hipster zigzag pattern) to ensure that I wasn’t taking this too seriously… (turned out that they are very comfortable shorts and I should race in them more often).

As we lined up, I realized that I definitely was not warmed up. No matter, it is a sort of long race. Plenty of time to warm up. So I thought. Sera (the eventual winner) lined up next to me and asked me if I was ready. I’m like… No. I ran 30 on Friday and feel a bit stale. So the race went off and was immediately uphill. Awesome. I felt like poo. I was breathing so loud. Probably because I hadn’t warmed up and was already putting my body in an anaerobic state! Hello oxygen debt! Some of my running friends noticed and commented later! So literally, I was sucking wind uphill for what was the first 5 miles. I knew I was #4 female and saw how far back I was from third place. The race steadily climbs for around 5 miles then stays on a ridge before a huge drop down the side of the mountain. When we finally reached the ridge is where I finally caught by breath- and felt amazing!!! My whole body woke up and immediately felt better. I started running faster and eventually flew by third place woman, who seemed to be struggling with our altitude. I blasted by a few guys up on the ridge before dropping way down the steep trail. I raced this in control but fast. Luckily, I felt agile that day and am well practiced on these rocky trails. I kept gathering speed and took it down onto the Powerline trail, where apparently I added a little bit more on (I took a right when we were supposed to go left). I saw the aid station and bushwhacked (aka, sagebrush jumped) back to the trail and hauled A down the gentle rolling hills. I got a little nervous at this point, because I knew we were over halfway but still had a ways to run, and I didn’t want this fast footed-ness to crash and burn later in the race. I was gaining on 2nd place girl and another guy with what felt like warp speed. I even debated going around them, thinking I should slow down and hang out behind them before the peninsula/Sidewinder trail. But! The sidewinder trail was already there, and since it was single track, I pulled a Boston-driver move and cut them off (not really, I sped up and quickly passed) before going on the crazy twisty single track section. I love racing this part of Moore park. I caught up to Andy, who said that he was feeling like he was dying. When I passed, he said he was dead (he was fine, just bonked. It was hot). I sped up and caught David and Brandon, who were having a conversation! I wanted to be like- quit talking and start running 😉 jk! Then we transitioned to another section of trails that went uphill slightly. I was really nervous because I anticipated that this little hill was worse, but I just maintained effort and picked up the pace again when we started going downhill towards the finish. There was still a few miles of downhill- so the whole time, I was thinking.. Don’t trip! Don’t trip! I sprinted into the finish as second place female! I think my time was 1:48, which is very good on that course!

This was surprising, especially because we had run 30 miles on Friday. The uphill portions felt like I was running on empty- like I had no strength. But I still had speed and agility, and familiarity with the trail surface (crazy rocky/scab rock). Some people came in a bit bloody and banged up… What’s a trail race with a little guts?

So, all in all, I had a really great race. I should mention that so did Joe! He finished 2 mins ahead of me. I noticed that overall, the Klamath Falls locals had really good races compared to the out of towers. Specifically, everyone in my awesome running group. Everyone got a PR on the course that day! It was great!


mmr1 mmr2 mmr3


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