Winter running

Last weekend, the hubs and I went up to the Crater Lake area, where the PCT links with the Union Peak trail. We had plans to run up to Union Peak itself, but we started post-holing only 2.5 mi in, so we turned around for a shorter run.


We noticed that the trail markers were 20 feet up in the trees. Hello, winter xc skiing trail!

So- when it snows, my first thought it excitement for running. Strange? I love running on trails in the snow! Not deep and not post-holing, but cold and crunchy snow is amazing. I think this is residual from running so many winters in NH at a serious level. The minute it snows, I associate that with hard work and running.

I’ve been pretty unmotivated the last month. I’ll blame the time change. It’s dark and cold, and no snow in town yet (only up near crater lake). When it’s dark and snowy, I can see better and don’t mind running in the dark as much. But since it’s been negative temps and pitch black when I get home from work, motivation is at an all time low. Combined with a bout of infrapattella knee bursitis, I’m just feeling low in general.

This weekend we are headed to The North Face Challenge 50 mile in San Francisco to watch some friends run. I’m so excited! I’ve never been on the ‘crew’ or spectator side of an ultra. I’m thrilled about the crazy packed field, but also thrilled about watching a good friend, Peter Hogg, compete against the elites. It could go any way, with ultras, which is so exciting!

Let’s hope this helps to motivate me some more for winter running. I have some big goals in 2014 and need to get my bum into gear!


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